Basics Produce Breakthroughs

    Over the past three weeks we have been sharing the principles of our #Makeitso movement which is dedicated to helping you celebrate your ‘wins’, help you tackle your ‘woes’ and make your ‘wants’ something that becomes a met achievement.

    Our first Principle was Everything is “figure-outable.” and our second was Momentum not Perfection. Principle # 3 was Fear is Free, Hope takes Work. Principle # 4 - Basics Produce Breakthroughs

    Not every road is a straight line. Journeys can be fluid. Creating opportunities to adapt and re invent are often needed in life. If you are a weekly client you know that from the start that I state “there is no magic bean”. It is not “one thing” that causes “wants” to become “wins”, it is keeping to the basics. As my Mom use to say “track your pennies, and watch them become dollars.”

    Our approach invites clients to begin looking at the Basics in order to produce Breakthroughs. We get that started by reviewing with our clients their values (we do a values assessment in our first session) and then we tackle putting together Goals and we write a Vision Script (like a personal Mission Statement). We then put together an Action Plan (road map) together which includes a 90 Day Plan and detailed SMART goals. These initial sessions are imperative for they form the basics you need to turn “wants” into “wins”.

    After that our sessions become about “checking in” and giving you the “tool box” to transform the basics into breakthroughs. Each session gives you momentum, a new progressive tool, accountability and within a few months, your tool box fine tunes your values, vision and action plan from basic steps into strides. These strides become Breakthroughs on the road map. Here again, an outside impartial voice of a coach is crucial.

    Coaching helps you see the steps, stomp the stumbles and seek the progress you desire. It helps you progress faster and further. Yes its an investment, but its an investment in you!

    So Principle # 4’s take away is this question: What basics are part of your daily routine. Are these set up to turn a ‘want’ into a ‘win’? Click here I would love to tell you more. #makeitso



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