Do you know any Turkeys?

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for us to reflect. It is also a time to do some inventory, and to ask what we are grateful for? But Thanksgiving also tends to be a moment when we think about Turkeys. Yes, the turkey that might be on our table, but also often what comes to mind in our reflection is “The Turkeys of Life.”

    The Turkeys of Life… are the events which challenge us. The friendship which baffle us. The family which perturbs us. The workplace which discourages us.

    Isn’t it easy IN OUR LIVES to allow a traffic jam to all of a sudden ruin our day?

    Isn’t it easy to allow a rude comment to make the Sun look dimmer?

    Isn’t it easy to allow a phone call, a piece of mail, a wacky neighbour, an unfocused co worker, to just make us say - “You Turkey - you are killing me!”

    Thanksgiving is a time, yes for reflection, but also to refocus ourselves so that even when “the Turkey comes a calling”, we can instead focus on the essential people, the exact occasion, the intentional grace that we are meant to experience.

    Thanksgiving is a time of decision to say that “I won’t let the Turkey get to me” - or, maybe put this - “I won’t let the Turkey eat at me instead”.

    Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, but also a time to make some decisions about those “Turkeys” we need to move on from, carry on from and strive on from.

    With our #Makeitso attitude - let’s make the decision to give thanks for all we have - and even be thankful for the Turkeys! It will make us more centred in true and lasting gratitude all year long.

    Happy Thanksgiving… and … remember you can #Makeitso!


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