Efficiency which leads to Effectiveness

    One of the questions I often hear from clients is “How can I become more efficient?” I often reply by saying “I can help with that, but I would rather invest in your becoming more effective.”  You see it comes down to asking - are you living for today or do you want to Thrive tomorrow? 

    What is the difference? Well for the clear distinction check out my Podcast – Episode 7 – where I crush the explanation, but for now let’s look at three principles it would be good to implement so that you can be ready for efficiency which leads to effectiveness.

    First choose to be consistent. Now more than ever before, we are all surrounded by more options and noise. We have more choices — but also have more distractions. These can push you off your course. That moves you away from the goals and the targets that you set. That’s why it’s so important that you’re moving consistently towards your goals.  I’ve been deeply studying over the last many months what the best companies all have in common and the role that leadership plays in those companies.

    The one thing I have found in the leaders of those companies is that they consistently show up. They may not, due to the turbulent times we live in, make as much progress every single day as they wish, or they may be fighting head winds along the way, but as long as they are moving forward consistently, they are going to achieve meaningful progress.

    That’s also why accountability is so important. In our Full Service Coaching one thing that we’ve done with all of our clients is we’ve helped them to develop a strategic quarterly action plan so they’re clear on their highest value goals.

    We ensure that they’re working on the right goals to create the result that they desire. Then, we support them and provide accountability to work through their quarterly plans. Doing this consistently creates breakthroughs in your business and personal success.

    Second, choose community- surround yourself with the right people and community. Jim Rohn said, “You’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.”  The question is, what type of community. Are you part of a community of people who are not only doing what you are doing, but are also doing what you have not yet done? This community must share your values and goals. This community must seek to make you better, not just affirm where you are at.

    You want to be spending time with others who are at a level above you, and where you aspire to be. That will keep you inspired and motivated. When you have a community of big thinkers and successful people, you start to see what’s possible. You start to think, act, achieve bigger and greater levels of success come with that.

    If you’re not surrounding yourself with that community, you don’t have people at the next level around you that is motivating, inspiring, supporting you, it’s going to be much more challenging for you to achieve that success all by yourself.

    That’s why we created the Mancave. The community of men inside of our program is one of the things that makes it so valuable. It’s why people stay in the program for so long and keep coming back. A group of guy who are going to… Support you… Motivate you… Show you what’s possible… What your potential is… …and to help you see things that you likely haven’t seen before yourself. At Mancave we often say it’s the Community, the Content and Coach that makes it all Thrive!

    Third, if effectiveness and not just efficiency is your goal you have to adopt Learning as a principle.

    The fact that you are reading this is a good indication that you are a learner. You are constantly wanting to grow and improve. That’s fantastic. Welcome because you’re in the right place. This is, in fact, one of our core values at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada. To achieve more, you want to learn more.

    The more that you learn, study, work on improving yourself and your knowledge, the more success that you’re going to create. This may sound daunting to some but it doesn’t need to be. We started the 22 Books in 2022. It can be accomplished by spending one hour a day reading as a baseline and then and push yourself to learn more. If you’re not doing any reading, make time for it.

    Reading and learning are some of the best investments that you can make. In fact one of my relatives asked me once “what can I give you as a gift to invest in you?” Knowing where he was at in life I replied “a bookstore gift card”. He has for over a decade now done that yearly and  when I buy a book I often think “How is it possible that I invest in such a small amount but I tapped into the knowledge of this author, who’s spent 15, 20, 30 years accumulating that knowledge?” They’ve gone through trial and error. Here I am able to accumulate that knowledge for such a small investment.

    Whether you are investing in books or podcasts or a coaching program, whatever it might be, the more that you can learn, that truly is the best way to shortcut your path towards greater success. I don’t mean you get a cheat sheet, you just avoid the scrapes and scuffles. You still have to do the work, if you want to get the results.

    Most good things in life take time and require hard work. They require focus. But if you truly want to find ways to accelerate your progress, to identify those shortcuts, that will come through learning. That’s why, if you look at athletes, any performer artists, they have mentors and coaches. They’re studying and learning. Without it, they only know what they know.

    When you can get access to learning, you’ll see new things and perspectives that you haven’t seen before — or can’t see by yourself because you’re not even aware that those things exist. That’s where you can find a much faster and direct path to achieve the result you ultimately want. Not only a more efficient, but a more effective self. It will help you live in a way today that will help you Thrive tomorrow.




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