Fear is Free, Hope takes Work

    Over the last couple of weeks we have been sharing the principles of our #Makeitso movement which is dedicated to helping you celebrate your ‘wins’, help you tackle your ‘woes’ and make your ‘wants’ something that becomes a met achievement.

    Check out the details on our blog of the first two: Everything is “figure-outable.” and Momentum not Perfection. We go into deeper detail on the blog and remember if you don’t have ‘a biggest fan’ in your personal goals -click here because its time to get one.

    Principle # 3 - Fear is Free, Hope takes Work
    Have you ever experienced the feelings of fear and hope in equal measure-- like in the moment of going on an interview for your dream job or the occasion of becoming a parent? Informed by a number of varying (and sometimes deeply personal) circumstances, Fear shows up in all facets of our lives. Sometimes it is meant to protect us or a powerful tool of personal insight. Fear can be a sign to explore the wisdom of an upcoming action, a relationship or a possible venture. Ask yourself, what is your Fear trying to tell you? That is the free part. Then there is Hope.

    You see, sometimes, Fear can also be a hurdle you need to overcome. Going for that dream job, means overcoming the Fear of not getting it, and in time, maybe even leaving the security of the one you have. Hope takes work. Hope is the call to see the potential, in spite of the Fear. When we go for that new job, there is Hope. When that new venture, new child, new relationship is on the way, there is Hope. Guaranteed there is Fear, but Hope, takes work to find. Hope is about boundaries, its about the time you need, and the space, to see insights and choose what best honours your needs. Here again, an outside impartial voice of a coach is crucial.

    Coaching helps you to see Fear and Hope for what they authentically are both meant to be. Sometimes without coaching, the free price of Fear halts us from work that Hope calls from us.

    So Principle # 3’s take away is this question: What guides you more - Fear or Hope? - Click here I would love to tell you more

    So – let’s #Makeitso!



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