How to Cope with It All?

    Most recently, with other leaders I know and coach, conversations circle around the questions of change, stress and the uncertainty of the world we live in today. Can you relate to this?

    These sentiments usually manifest themselves when we begin noticing we aren’t as driven as before and we notice a few other things about ourselves:

    · Your passion fades
    · You don’t feel the highs and lows anymore
    · Little things make you overly emotional
    · Everybody drains you
    · You’re becoming cynical
    · Nothing satisfies you
    · You can’t think straight
    · Your productivity is dropping
    · You are self-medicating
    · You don’t laugh anymore
    · Sleep and time off no longer refuel you

    So what do you do?
    1. Tell Someone
    Swallow your pride and let someone else into the stress and anxiety you feel. Someone you trust. Nothing good happens when you’re isolated. When you admit it to others, you finally end up admitting it to yourself. This is where the value of one to one coaching comes in - a mentor to help you through it and to give you perspective in it.

    2. Redirect
    The problem is bigger when we only have our pain to focus on. And pain is selfish, it always demands our attention. So make sure your rest schedule is consistent, and re direct yourself when it becomes all consuming - watch a movie, go for a hike. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Not giving up on life helps you get back into life.

    3. Don’t make any big decisions
    In this state, often we are tempted to do things that can ruin our lives and the lives of those we love. Don’t do those things. Do not quit your job. Do not buy a sports car. Do not cheat on your spouse. Do not make any drastic changes or moves right now if you are in this season.

    4. Develop a circle 
    Friends who remind us that “Tomorrow the sun will rise” make all the difference. You need people who believe in you when you’ve stopped believing in yourself. This is one of the reasons why our Group Coaching Platform - Mancave - is so powerful. The community, the content and even the coach help to propel us when we are tempted to stall.

    5. Grieve your losses
    Life can be a series of un-grieved losses. It’s hard to know what to do with our losses. The dreams and plans that aren’t happening right now — grieve them. Admit it sucks — it’s part of healing. There is something about grieving that makes the next chapter more enjoyable. 

    6. Live today in a way that will help you Thrive tomorrow
    Rest. Eat right. Think right. Work out. Do the things today that produce results that you will only see tomorrow. Invest in the future by changing up patterns of thought and life starting today. Make sure you are on point in all five areas of life (spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and financial). It keeps our focus forward.

    I tell those I coach, that a chapter is just that... a chapter, it's not the story. I hope this helps you work through a very difficult chapter and if I can help, know I would like to help you #makeitso.


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