Myths of Journaling

    Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Journaling. We have started this, our first series in our blog,  as many of our clients take part in our Autumn Challenge – a commitment to 30 Days of Journaling. We have seen transformative steps forward by our clients through this challenge - greater clairity, gratitude and goals. I will touch on the challenge shortly, but lets set forth with part two.

    Last week we tackled 4 Things We Need for Journaling and today let’s tackle the 4 Myths of Journaling:

    There is a 'right way" to Journal: Many people think that in order to journal the "right" way, you need some kind of special notebook, profound matter or even deeply accurate method. The key to journaling is actually only one thing – “to start & stick with it”. As we mentioned last week select a Style, Format, Time and Trigger, and then just start (in point form or full sentence, in picture or even voice reminder) and put down what you are pondering or paused by. It be might as simple as Wins, Woes and Wants (as we teach) or more fluid sentences on life.

    You don’t have anything deep to write about. Another mental barrier preventing many people from journaling is the belief you have nothing to write about. Unless you live in a bubble, you have some sort of interaction, and so you have something to write about. So again, the key ... “to start & stick with it.”

    Journaling is for narcissists. This is one of the odder myths out there. If you think about it, journaling is actually talking about others and other things first, and then how they touch your life. Journaling is for anyone who wants to ponder the future and even more so be their best selves in it. So in fact it is about a better you - not a selfish you. 

    Journaling takes a lot of time. This is a big myth. The method we teach takes 15 minutes. Here is how it works:

    Try reflecting on your Wins (the positive things that happened), Woes (the struggles of the day) and Wants (your hopes for the day). If your doing it in the morning then the previous day is what you ponder.

    Commit to 15 minutes, write them down, (point form, sentence, pictures, cartoons, Greek letters of the alphabet ) - what ever works for you …

    Pause and consider them and just simply get a ‘gut sense’ of your personal awareness of your circumstances, clarity of thought, and gratitude for the day.

    Finish by writing a closing statement like - “I felt overall pretty positive today” or “today was a struggle” or “I couldn’t think clearly today” or “hope is in the air” … what ever it might be that best describes what the day (or the day before) was all about.

    So the Autumn Challenge

    For many, journaling can be painful. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Autumn Challenge invites you to commit to journaling for 30 days. If you quit a week into your journaling attempt, you won’t see results. But practice reflection for a month, and you will feel the positive effects. Push through the resistance and every day after will feel easier. 

    So why do the Autumn Challenge? You’ll gain perspective and live with gratitude. You’ll also supercharge your clarity and make better decisions. If you don’t think so then prove me wrong. Try reflecting on your wins, woes and wants for 30 days, write them down, consider then and tell me if you do or don’t have a better sense of your circumstances, clarity of thought, and gratitude for life.

    Drop me an email if you need some more insights or “how to’s ”. I would love to make you part of the Phoenix Men who are journaling daily and LIVING IN A WAY TODAY THAT WILL HELP YOU THRIVE TOMORROW !

    So – let’s #Makeitso!



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