Next Stage - Rollercoaster

    Canada’s Wonderland opened today. I only know that because its the ‘top story’ on the news today.

    I’m not a big fan of rollercoasters. Other than heights and speed, I think I would get along fine with rollercoasters. But since slow and low to the ground rollercoasters are fairly non-existent (or they are mainly for the kiddie section of the park), I’ve decided to keep my distance.

    But ‘rollercoaster’ certainly has described the months we have been through collectively. But as we consider all the “re opening” going on…again, #rollercoaster.

    The one advantage people have with theme park rollercoasters is they see the finish. You know where you are ultimately landing.

    As the rollercoaster slowly begins its ascent up the track, the really brave ones lift their hands in the air. Instead of gripping the bar in front of them, they open themselves up to the full ride.

    It’s taken me a while on this current journey to do that, but here’s what lifting my hands in the air looks like:

    1. I welcome the twists and turns, knowing they lead to better endings.

    2. I choose release over control, once the ride starts… let go & tag along.

    3. I trust my intuition while listening to those I trust.

    4. The goal isn’t to have your idea win, but for the best idea to win.

    I’ve appointed laughter as a business-building strategy. I have a tendency to take life too seriously. Laughter helps me balance this out. So, as odd as this may seem, I’ve made laughter a goal for each day. If I get to the end of the day and I haven’t had a great laugh, well, there’s always Nate Bargatze’s Tennessee Kid on NetFlix

    Laughter reminds me — life is too short to be consumed with details that will ultimately work out. Laugh your way through.

    Ironically, it’s what I usually see when people walk away from one of those death-defying rollercoasters. They just paid to be scared out of their minds by flying through the air created by an engineer they have never met. How do they know that person can be trusted? What if they skipped out on the “Rollercoaster Day” at Engineering School? You’ll never know — or maybe unfortunately you will.

    Nevertheless, people walk away laughing, often hugging the person next to them, and going back for more.

    So while you’ll never find me in line at ‘Leviathan’, in a very real sense, I’m there.

    My commitment to the people in our fast growing Phoenix Family is this — I’ve decided to take it all in and let you in on the ride.

    I’m going to laugh a lot.

    I’m going to enjoy more than worry.

    I’ll trust my intuition but I’ll trust the feedback from you, my friends.

    And when the ride is over, I know I’ll be forever grateful I threw my hands up in the air.

    If you want further details or ‘to jump in the cart with me’, drop me an email.


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