Not Efficient but Effective

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    Principle # 5 - Not Efficient but Effective


    The urgent vs. the important.

    We grapple with it every day in our work and our daily life.

    The urgent is staring us in the face: the email that demands to be answered or the Zoom call you’re already three minutes late for.

    The important is gentler and less insistent. It speaks with a still, small voice.

    It’s so very easy to let it languish.

    But if we do, we pay the price later in the form of missed opportunities.

    People who should have heard of you…haven’t. And invitations and contracts and job offers that should have gone to you…go to someone else.

    Should you be efficient? Yes, you should be. But like time management, eventually, you hit a wall.

    I’m all for efficiency when it matters, but to go one step further, some activities are by nature not inherently efficient but they are effective in the long term.

    Sometimes you need the gifts of space and time. You need uninterrupted, unhurried time to explore whatever you need to explore, relationally or otherwise.

    In all matters where you can be efficient, do it. An accounting system that cuts the time in half is probably worth whatever it costs. Ditto with email, routine meetings and so much of what occupies daily life.

    But as efficient as you may become, you only have so many hours in a day. And part of what you do will never be fully efficient.

    Stop asking yourself how to be more efficient. Start asking yourself how to be more effective. Becoming more effective might mean you cut 6 efficient things out of your life. Sure, you may be efficient at a lot of things, but being efficient at things that don’t matter isn’t a win. It’s a loss.

    Becoming more effective might mean you cut out six meetings you don’t need to be at or that someone else can represent you, so you can have a full day to ponder and think about the future, or to work on your message, company long term vision, or to handle those difficult personnel problems that never go away.

    It might mean you hire someone, or employ a consultant, to do a task so you can focus on the highest value activities that move your mission forward.

    Don’t ask yourself how you can be more efficient. Ask yourself how you can be more effective.Don’t ask yourself what is urgent, ask what is important.

    So Principle # 5’s take away is this question: What is one thing that occupies a great deal of your time? Click here and let’s take that answer and transform it effectively.



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