Our Story

    I was chatting with a friend about our experiences of the COVID pandemic. My friend wisely noted that he had been telling himself a particular story of what this year had been like.

    The story he tells himself and others, emphasizes the pain and the struggle of his COVID experience (which is real), while often forgetting the good work he had been able to accomplish in the midst of these challenges. He recognized the need to adjust his personal narrative to better capture the full experience, the hardships AND the successes.

    Our conversation got me thinking about the stories that shape and define each of us: culturally, communally, as families and as individuals. These narratives have power. They inform what we remember, how we envision ourselves, our communities, and how we interact with the world.

    Like my friend, I think we also need to critically examine the stories we tell. Often this story impacts how we meet our goals and whether or not we are impacted by circumstances, or guided by results.

    This is where the Model of Thought that we teach has a real impact. Its more than mindset - its a tool which tackles thoughts, actions, feelings and results and insulates them against circumstances (such as our story) which attempt to ‘get us stuck’ in the muddle of life. One client calls the Model of Thought - “the auger” 

    “The auger” drills into the issue that might be causing us to be “stuck” and gives us access to what we need to experience “success” : it ensures our thoughts, feelings, actions can create an intentional result to affect change which concludes in success.

    This week, let us consider how we are both listeners and participants in the story we tell…. and lets ponder how to use “The Auger” to “Make it so”

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    Let's Make it So


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