Prompts to Get You Journaling (even when your mind is blank)

    So this is the third in our series on Journaling. It comes as a group of Phoenix Men are well into our Autumn Challenge (and they crushing it by the way). But sometimes its hard to know what to write, so here are some Prompts To Get You Started

    The most noticeable thought in my mind today is:

    One interesting part of my dreams of late is: 

    Today I could not live without:

    I enjoy myself the most when:

    When I imagine I have no problem to solve, here is what is left:

    A year from now I think I’d like to:

    I know my best characteristics are:

    If fear wasn’t a thing, my best day would look like this:

    Why do these help?  Well, as we have been demonstrating journalling is about tracking our "wins, woes and wants." We can do that by simply writing down, recording or in a point form way tracking the progress of our day. The reality is when we do that we grow in clairity because we can see progress, notice pitfalls, and acknwledge pivotol people, places or points in our journey. These help us to make better decisions, outline better pathways and determine better successes for ourselves.

    Sometimes though, after a long day or a blah day, we wonder what to write, so the above prompts get us started... and they get our minds racing toward our "wins, woes and wants."

    Journaling is widely recognized as a healthy practice. Research shows that writing down thoughts and feelings can decrease stress and increase empathy, focus and optimism.

    Typically journaling is considered “free” writing or a record of occurrences. On the surface, writing down whatever you’re thinking or experiencing appears simple. But people (especially men) tend to avoid journaling because it feels difficult, frustrating and confusing. 

    For those who struggle with self-confidence, performance anxiety and worry, journaling can feel like a nasty assignment to avoid. 

    So the Autumn Challenge

    Our Autumn Challenge invites you to commit to journaling for 30 days. If you quit a week into your journaling attempt, you won’t see results. But practice reflection for a month, and you will feel the positive effects. Push through the resistance and every day after will feel easier. 

    So why do the Autumn Challenge? You’ll gain perspective and live with gratitude. You’ll also supercharge your clarity and make better decisions. If you don’t think so then prove me wrong. Try reflecting on your wins, woes and wants for 30 days, write them down, consider then and tell me if you do or don’t have a better sense of your circumstances, clarity of thought, and gratitude for life.

    Drop me an email if you need some more insights or “how to’s ”. I would love to make you part of the Phoenix Men who are journaling daily and LIVING IN A WAY TODAY THAT WILL HELP YOU THRIVE TOMORROW !

    So – let’s #Makeitso!


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