With the signs of the holidays all around us, gratitude and thoughts of pausing a bit seem to circulate. There's never a bad time to pause and reflect on the things that matter most in our lives. Our support systems, our abilities, our talents.

    About once a month I - Unplug. It’s usually on a Sunday. I don’t jump at my phone as quickly, I don’t hover around my keyboard, I don’t pause at my TV screen, or even sit for my favourite book. I unplug and I notice. I unplug with a long walk, a country drive or a quiet corner and most of all some silence. Why do I do this?

    After creating my goals and sub-tasks, and living daily in the Momentum Zone, I found myself resisting setting any deadlines.

    I just kept thinking, "Oh, I'll get to that by the end of the year."

    There was the little calendar icon staring right at me, but I just didn't click it and set any deadlines.

    Then, I realised how unproductive that was.

    If I don't set due dates, I won't complete the goals or tasks. I know this because we all know this...

    Without clear deadlines we just let our dreams fade into distant “somedays."

    I realised that if I, “Mr. Coach”, was resisting setting concrete dates for my goals and plans, then maybe others were too.

    I think it has to do with all the uncertainty of these times?

    Or maybe it's just that there's so much opportunity.

    Or that I'm so busy or overwhelmed, and I think I'll just "fit it in soon."

    But you and I both know that's not how success happens.

    No, success happens like this:

    Drive (aka Purpose or Motivation) + Goals + Deadlines + Discipline + Self-improvement until it gets done.

    Without the deadlines, there's no "psychological necessity" to activate our efforts. We'll just keep waiting until we hit a threshold of pain, consequences or regret.

    Or, we'll just forget the dang goal and settle for less than our real dreams or potential.

    But if we leave our growth to randomness, we'll forever be locked in mediocrity. We need goals and dates. So I Unplug and I set, review and focus on my goals – where I want to be. But then here is the crux, I set a date for when I want to be there.

    Yes, we need deadlines... especially if we want to push beyond our comfort zones and stretch for a remarkable future for ourselves and our families and teams.

    It's a funny thing about us Men: We need targets and we need to will ourselves to complete things, even easy things or things that we know we should do.

    And so I say, this is a good time to plan to end the year strong. Otherwise, we just limp across the finish line, directionless.

    Take away is this question: When was the last time you Unplugged? Click here and let’s take that answer and set some goals together effectively.



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