Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer Group Coaching?

I appreciate you asking the right question! To put it simply, I wanted to create a program where I could provide more value and to be of service at scale. This program allows me to do just that in an engaging format, so I can be as productive and accessible as possible while providing access to my 25+ years of situational knowledge.

Do I really get 1 to 1 coaching in a group setting?

Yes! We have weekly coaching sessions where you can join me 1-on-1, ask a question face-to-face, network with the community, and I'll provide guidance, coaching, resources, and introductions to the best of my ability.

How often are the coaching sessions?


The live coaching sessions twice monthly. Since we have a national community of members, we rotate the times to accommodate different time zones. The times are posted 3 weeks in advance and are located in the Facebook Community.

 How long are the coaching sessions?

The coaching sessions on average are 60 minutes long. A 20 minute lesson and then a organized queue system to ask your questions.

What happens if I miss a session?

Attending Live Q&A Coaching Sessions will give you the tools to embark on the consistent, persistent, pursuit of living in a way today that will help you Thrive tomorrow,  while providing direct access to myself and the coaching community. However, if you're unable to attend, replays will be posted in the Coaching Session Archive page. 

What happens when I sign up?

You'll receive a welcome email that will include details on how to enter the coaching program and the Private Facebook Group, as well direct access to the client resources. This email will also include information about how to effectively navigate connecting for each session.

What if I am not satisfied?

You can cancel your subscription at ANY TIME, no questions asked, by emailing us directly. There is nothing worse than a subscription that's hard to cancel. I'm here to be of service! While we do not refund once in, we will not keep asking you to pay if you are not happy.


Is there any risk to joining?

Not at all. And I can't stress this enough. Nothing long-term agreements, no hidden tricks either. While we do not refund once in, we will not keep asking you to pay if you are not happy. You can cancel at any time if you decide this groups not for you. 

Can I just try it first?

We believe in accountablity, so if you join we hold you to your commitment.
When you join we want you ALL IN on yourself and the program.  


IF you still are not ready then you may need to learn more about Phoenix Life Coaching, Coach Frank and his work, check out the You Can Make it So Podcast .

I am looking for more 1 to 1 personalized coaching beyond a group.

If your needs are more aligned in a 1-on-1 setting with direct access and structured calls please contact  us to learn more. You can also check out our #Makeitso Platform which gives direct information on  "1-on-1 Coaching" where Coach Frank meets singularly for upto 60 minutes with clients upto 4 times during a month. 

Get the coachingcourses, and community that you need to live in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow


After years of coaching we’ve found that walking alongside others who are committed, and with personal coaching, you maximize the greatest lever to grow your goals, reduce stress, and hit your habits making them routines for your daily life




“Excellence is never an accident. Excellence is always the result of intentional and consistent habits.”

Join me for Live 

- 1 on 1 Private Coaching Community -

Community, Content and Coach to help you THRIVE!





Benefits of Coaching

  • Improves your performance at work and presence at home

  • Helps you get clarity on goals for your career

  • Increases your ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues

  • Helps you create greater ownership and responsibility for your career

  • Develops your emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Improves specific skills and behaviors to manage your outcomes

  • Helps modify behavior/performance challenges


Helps you to start living in a way today that will help you to THRIVE tomorrow 


A community who want to excel in their professional life,

impact their personal lives and carry their values forward leaving a legacy.


Personalized Coaching

World Class Content

Unlimited Streaming

Exercises, PDF's and Worksheets


It is about community, content and the coach

You have the opportunity to work with Coach Frank live weekly inside a community working to create the level of success required - living in a way today that will help you Thrive tomorrow. 

It is for those who in their professional and personal lives want to #makeitso


What is included  ?

  • LIVE TWICE MONTHLY  via Zoom (same day & same time) Coach Frank gives a practical, direct message from his 25+years of situtional knowledge -guaranteed new tool taught in each session.  Each session, with taliored topics to the community, will leave you with skills that will be deliverable, repeatable, practical and success driven.
  • Unlimited access to replays (including the entire Library of episodes) 
  • After each session you receive some practical follow up material to supplement topic.
  • Quarterly we invite a stellar speakers   Not the ones you see traveling the speaking circuit ... True leaders and innovators who will share their knowledge.
  •  Access to a Forum to ask questions, get some coaching,feedback or direction when you are stuck.
  • You are part of a powerful Facebook Group for networking, support and collaboration.
  • Preferred access to new training programs that are produced in the future.
  • You join others just like you - putting yourself in proximity to next level thinkers is POWERFUL.
  • You are invited to our annual Summit forming in person strategic bonds with fellow members.
  • You are not visible on camera (unless you wish to be).
  • You'll have access to a network of amazing people that you can go to when you're in a tight spot and need help.


Look, this is not just another program or "$5 mastermind" where you get pumped full of rah rah motivational talk.

It is dedicated to giving you REAL, tactical information that you can take away and instantly plug into your business, and your life.



You get into group coaching for $49.97 per month (plus tax), paid at the start of the month, renewed monthly and you can cancel anytime (though we know you will not want to). 


Oh and by the way - if you are in our Full Service Coaching Package - you also automatically can participate in Group Coaching (no extra charge as it's included as part of our unique Makeitso™ Platform). If you want details on One to One Coaching - drop me an email.


Coaching allows you to grow faster by leveraging the guidance of an expert with the perspective, experience and know-how to breakthrough limiting beliefs and propel forward into the life one want faster.


And when you sign up to be part of Group Coaching, you get a free 30 minute one to one Zoom Call with Coach Frank to set you up for your best experience.

So if you're ready to make the investment in yourself, then click below and we'll see you on the inside!