Do I need a Coach?

A  coach can help you in a variety of areas. Professionally, a coach can help you focus on your career and help you market yourself more effectively. Personally, a coach can help you improve your relationships with other people and improve your overall well-being.  A coach can help you realize and overcome your habits and behavioral patterns so that you can better realize your full potential. People who get a coach are the ones who are willing to do the work needed to live a more fulfilled life.


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What is Full Service Coaching?

We offer different formats of coaching to meet client needs. Full Service Coaching is our most comprehensive One to One Coaching Plan. We meet singularly for upto 60 minutes with clients upto 4 times during a month, We are directly available to them via text. We provide them with email follow up after each session, connect with them often and are committed to working with them to develop a strategic quarterly action plan so they’re clear on their highest value goals. We ensure that they’re working on the right goals to create the result that they desire. Then, we support them and provide accountability to work through their quarterly plans. Doing this consistently creates breakthroughs in your business and personal success.


Our Full Service Coaching Clients have access to our #Makeitso Platform of materials including Podcasts, exclusive writings, newsletters, our #Makeitso Journal, assessments and tools. They also have full access to our group coaching, including recordings of all previous sessions, at no additional charge. 


Working together is simple. No long term contracts. All you invest in is a monthly retainer for access to me in real time whenever you need sound advice based on a life time of experience as a coach, consultant, business leader and counselor.


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What is the difference between a Business Coach and a Business Consultant?

A business coach takes the approach of improving you as the leader of your business. A business consultant takes a more specialized hands-on approach, providing specific solutions for your business itself.

To put a bow on it: coaching is “done with you” and consulting is “done for you”. We do bothFor more details, contact us

Do you offer Group Coaching?

Yes! Our Group Coaching is with Live Coaching and even a Q & A period. The benefit is the Community, the Content and the Coach. The combination of a support forum, a rich series of tools weekly, and professional coaching, set up each participant for truly being able to #Makeitso.

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What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy

Coaching is different than therapy in that its focus is not in overcoming your psychological issues. The purpose of coaching is to help you identify your goals and achieve them. With coaching, our emphasis is not placed on the past. Instead, our focus is on creating the life that you want now and in the future.


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What happens during a coaching session?

All of our sessions are done remotely via Zoom or by Phone. Each coaching session may be different depending on the goals and needs of the person. At first, we’ll discuss what you want to accomplish through working together and lay out a plan on how to achieve your goals. Occasionally, you may also receive a task to work on to help direct your progress.


We’ll work together to discover what obstacles are in your way and figure out how to overcome them. With each session, we’ll revisit your goals and see what steps are needed to achieve them.


Following each session you will receive a Client Connect Email summarizing what we have done together and listing task and next steps together.


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What is your fee and what payments types do you accept?


Working together is simple. No long term contracts.

All you invest in is a monthly retainer for access to me in real time whenever you need sound advice that’s based on a lifetime of cumulative experience as a coach, consultant, business leader and counselor.


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How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, contact us 


We provide a free 30 minute connect call to help you get answers to your questions.

Will our conversations remain confidential?

While the law does not grant the privilege of confidentiality to coaches, what we discuss will not be shared with others. Coaching is a confidential process and must remain so in order for it to be successful.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will need to bear the full cost of the session.

Is Coaching covered by Insurance?

When you come for Life and/or Career Coaching, your health insurance company is most likely not going to cover your sessions. Althought some might (so good to check). For the most part they do not regard your coaching needs as "medical necessity" however some do as part of a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) - so please do check and let us know if we can help. 


In Life and/or Career Coaching, we are not working on healing. We are working on fulfilling.

  • We are working on helping you to fulfill the potentials in you to develop.
  • We are working on helping you find and fulfill a meaningful life.
  • We are working on helping you discover your gifts, build branding and skills to launch a new career.
  • We are working to help you dream big dreams and set goals to bring them to pass.


Counseling is a healing profession, helping something that has a diagnosis get better.


Coaching is a fulfilling profession. It is just as valuable to your growth and potential as counseling is.


You get the joy of knowing that you are directly investing in your future and fullfillment!


It’s worth every penny.  Contact us and let's get started



I love what I do and I love sharing what I learn. Personal and professional growth isn't a once-a-year exercise. Growth and development is built on small daily and weekly habits. I'd love to stay in touch and share what works for me and my clients.


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