Lessons Learned in 2021

    2021 is ending. Our world faced so much upheaval this year. Yet—being the external “possibilitarian” that I am—I sincerely believe that the volatility will morph into victory, better days will appear.

    I’m in a reflective mood as I write this piece for you.

    My targets for 2022 have been recorded and carefully refined. Clarity precedes mastery, right?

    My vision for the New Year has been decoded into game sheets and one-page plans. I’m ready to serve and amped to help. I pray to be an instrument of usefulness to more people. So long as I’m able to.

    So now—as the year comes to a close—I turn my attention to a survey of what the past 12 months have taught me.

    Please allow me to share 12 lessons I’ve written down with you:

    1. That few things are as valuable as your family and cherished friend being healthy, safe and sound.

    2. That during times that we cannot go outside we are blessed with the opportunity to go within.

    3. That messy periods reveal how strong you’ve made yourself (through your routines and daily practices). They also pinpoint all the internal work still left to do.

    4. That beauty exists in the simplest of things. And that once we commit to finding it, it always appears.

    5. That a day with a great book is better than a month fooling with social media.

    6. That in dark moments our world needs you to shine more brightly.

    7. That every time we complain or make an excuse, we degrade our power. And disrespect our genius.

    8. That your parents (and your memory of them) can provide you with the richest of wisdom and your friends can give you a flawless happiness.

    9. That helping others brings more inner peace than becoming famous ever will.

    10. That forgiveness is a gateway into joy. And gratefulness is the antidote to fear.

    11. That many of the blessings we take for granted are treasures that we honour once they are lost.

    12. That the world needs more heroes so rather than waiting for them do your best to become one of them. [Starting today].

    This New Year can be the year you beat your fears, remove your weaknesses and glorify your genius. It’s up to YOU to vote for yourself. If you’d like me to become your mentor so that 2022 becomes the year it can be - drop me a line today


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